Carina LaMarchina (“Lah-mar-KEE-nuh”) is a SoCal native, having been born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA. She has lived there her whole life so far, except for when she went to Cal State Long Beach to study animation. Her dreams of an acting career were really pulling at her spirit though, so she decided to just listen to her heart and go with them. Since then, she has co-starred in not one, but two series streaming on Amazon Prime Video (“Park Acrobats” and “Just Roommates“), been the supporting role of auditionee “Elizabeth Thomas” in the feature film Howard Original that’s also on Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms, and played an FLDS wife in Fox and Leopard’s award-winning short film Ty that shot on location in Utah, along with having been in various other projects. She studies with Mark McPherson at Studio 24 Seven in Los Angeles, and she has delved into the endeavor of creating her own work as well. In 2021, she made her on-screen and narrative debut in writing and producing with her short film The Debate, which she also stars in. When she’s not acting or coming up with ideas for her next film to create, you can find her in paragliding school, planning her next trip, playing with her cat Sunkist, metaphorically (and maybe literally) picketing for Universal Basic Income, or stuffing her face with AYCE sushi.